My name is Beno Saradzic and this is my blog. I’m a visual artist from Slovenia, currently based in Dubai, UAE. I specialize in photography and time lapse cinematography. Aside from my regular work, I also conduct workshops, photo gear reviews and take on speaking engagements. I love to share my knowledge so come over and check it out!


102 megapixel camera from Fujifilm was officially announced…and I’ve created the first time-lapse film with it!

While you’re here, check out also ‘Project REAL - Beno Saradzic’ by Fujifilm. You’ll learn a few things about terrific, next-gen Fujifilm GFX100 camera and a little bit about me too.

If you’re really curious about the ins and outs of this camera, do check out my thorough debrief about my experiences with the GFX100 on Fujifilm USA’s website.