My name is Beno Saradzic and this is my blog. I’m a visual artist from Slovenia, currently based in Dubai, UAE. I specialize in photography and time lapse cinematography. Aside from my regular work, I also conduct workshops, photo gear reviews and take on speaking engagements. I love to share my knowledge so come over and check it out!

ABOVE: Aerial Photography Exhibition

I have done many workshops, presentations and seminars on all kinds of photography, time lapse cinematography and post-production techniques since I’ve gotten serious about craft, starting back in 2011. What I’ve never done however, was talk about, and feature my favourite kind of photography; the aerial one. But I guess the time was right, now that drones are all the rage and aerial photography has gone truly mainstream. More photographer are shooting the world from above than ever before. It was great to mingle with talented artists from abroad and locally. Hope to see more of these events in the future.

As usual, Manarat Al Saadiyat did not disappoint. It’s such a classy venue, managed by seasoned and dedicated professionals. Abu Dhabi can be proud to have it.