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Beno Saradzic

Photographer | Filmmaker | Time Lapse Cinematographer

Official Fujifilm X-Photographer | Nisi Filters Global Ambassador | TIMELAPSE+ Brand Ambassador


18 years as a professional 3D Architectural Visualizer, trained the Slovenian born cinematographer and photographer’s eye in the ‘art of seeing’. Beno’s work as an internationally acclaimed digital artist, has won him numerous awards and accolades, such as ‘Autodesk Master’ and winner of the prestigious ‘Tektronix International Design Visualization Competition’. He is currently based in Dubai, UAE.

Beno’s contributions to the field of architectural visualization have earned him several awards. However, publication in magazines and books, including ‘3DS MAX 2008 Foundation’ is a testament to the sheer precision Beno has over his craft. Beno leveraged his years of visualization experience when he first picked up a digital camera in 2008 in an effort to explore new creative ideas and expand upon his already vast knowledge in the visual arts. Beno never saw this as a change of direction, it was in fact a natural step; to become a professional photographer.

Abu Dhabi’s busy downtown at sunrise, photographed from the 98th floor of a tallest structure in the Capital of the UAE

The Tolerance Bridge, Dubai Canal

Science and art are both about a personal journey of discovery. With a deep understanding of the principles of science and years of experience in working with lighting techniques as an architectural visualization artist, Beno uses his mastery of light, framing and science as he draws influence from the great masters of art and cinema to achieve his unique style.

Beno has never been satisfied with so called ‘comfort zones’. He constantly pushes himself and his equipment in a quest to achieve excellence, mastery and a unique artistic style. He is a strong advocate of life long learning and has always been willing to try new tools, techniques and styles of photography, which he believes is the secret to his success.




Beno’s standing in the international photography community is unquestioned. This has led to collaborations and brand ambassadorships with the likes of Canon (2015-2018), where he was listed amongst the top 53 imaging talents across EMEA. In 2016, Beno was also appointed Global Ambassador for NiSi filters and in 2017 as Brand Ambassador of photography website 500px.

Beno’s collaborations and ambassadorships have since grown to include TIMELAPSE+ and proudly in 2018, Beno joined the ranks of Fujifilm’s ‘X-Photographers’ as an official Brand Ambassador.


Beno has spoken at numerous photography seminars, discussion panels and given inspirational presentations, held speaking engagements to both small and large audiences of novices and industry leaders. He is an avid educator, hosting frequent workshops on photography, digital image manipulation and time lapse cinematography.
Beno is one of the regular Guest Photographers, Speakers, Exhibited Photographers & Jury Members at the annual XPOSURE International Photography Festival in Sharjah.
Beno’s work is frequently featured in the media. He’s made several guest appearances in the print, TV and online. Beno wrote tutorials for Scott Kelby’ Blog, was featured on the Trey Ratcliff’s ‘Variety Hour’, had several published blogs on the 500px.com, Topaz Labs’ website and elsewhere. Beno’s work was published and featured in dozens of media outlets worldwide including the National Geographic (Abu Dhabi), Die Welt (Germany), Yahoo, Dubai and Abu Dhabi Media outlets, TimeOut Magazine, Digital Studio Middle East, GQ Magazine, Popular Photography (UK), Photo Plus (UK), Digital Foto (Denmark), Digital Photo Magazine (UK), Huffington Post (US) and numerous others.
Beno’s work was commended by the Ruler of Dubai and the Vice President of the UAE, H.H. Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum and the UAE’ Minister of Foreign Affiars, H.H. Sheikh Abdullah Bin Zayed Al Nahyan.