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My review of NISI V6 System Holder for 100mm filters

Finally; here it is!


I’m happy to say that all the good things about the popular V5 holder system are still there, but with the new V6, NiSi introduced minor refinements which make the already great product even better.

So, what’s in the box? You get an anodized, fully aluminium made Filter Holder for 100mm filters which can accommodate 3 stacked filters. It looks and feels like a precision engineering piece of hardware, no less than the previous version. Next, there’s the main adapter which screws directly onto the lens with an 82mm filter thread. The main adapter is designed to hold a screw-on Circular Polarizer filter (CPL) which is also supplied in the kit. The CPL filter can be rotated independently from the main adapter with 2 rotating knobs. I really love how this performs on the field. It’s intuitive and very effective. Finally, NISI also included 67, 72 and 77mm adapter rings for the 3 most popular lens filter threads. All these items are packed in a very nice-looking filter pouch made out of heavy-duty textured fabrics with sturdy and well-made internal padding for the holder, main adapter, CPL filter and the 3 adapter rings. On its back, you’ll find a couple of neat Velcro straps, allowing you to mount the pouch either onto the tripod leg, or to your trouser belt.

Oh - and there’s also a neat little NiSi branded Lens Cap which allows you to cover the Main Adapter when the Filter Holder is removed. Sweet!

The first change from the V5 which caught my attention was the set of two knobs on the side of the Filter Holder. The first knob controls the spring-loaded metal tab which locks the filter holder onto the main adapter – nothing new there. The second knob however isn’t really a knob, but a screw which, once fastened, locks the holder safely in place. To be honest, I never dropped the filter holder by pulling the locking pin by mistake, but I imagine some owners might have. It’s good to have an additional layer of safety. Good job NISI for adding this little detail which could save you from a potential financial loss caused by the dropped filter holder and broken, expensive glass filters.

The main adapter (which gets screwed onto the lens thread) was tweaked a bit too. It is now far easier to grasp the edges of the Circular Polarizer Filter when you need to screw it onto the main adapter because its edges are now protruding by a few millimeters whereas in V5, they were flush with the adapter. Nice touch there.

CPL filter is no longer flush with the Main Adapter and easy to hold by its edges.

The 3 filter slots on the Filter Holder are improved - forcing the filters into the slots is no longer an issue.

All in all, the V6 Filter System seems like a mature, polished, well thought-out and battle-tested kit for photographers of any level. I, for one, am looking forward to using it for years to come.

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