Renowned for his time lapse cinematography, Emmy-nominated photographer and cinematographer, Beno Saradzic, loves to share his knowledge. This is your opportunity to learn how Beno approaches and develops a subject, as he shares key insights into his process.

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'ANGLES' - Time Lapse Workshop in Abu Dhabi

  • Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque (map)

There’s more than one ‘angle’ to consider if your plan is to create a powerful and aesthetic time lapse film. There is a lot one needs to know too; from the concept to execution, a time lapse artist must be ready to wear multiple hats from being be a storyteller, a skilled cinematographer and an editor with a keen eye for film and music. It takes a complete artist to produce a beautiful time lapse film which leaves an impression.

During this free workshop the attendees will be given a chance to peek into mysterious and largely misunderstood concepts of the art of time lapse filmmaking. During this workshop, Beno will try to demystify the art, the science and the host of tools behind the craft with a series of practical examples, backed by his wealth of real-world production experiences.


Workshop Outline:

  • What is time lapse?

  • Brief history, pioneers in the field, must-see landmark films


Getting started

  • Why not just speed-up video footage?

  • What makes a good time lapse subject?

  • What subjects you should avoid shooting in a time lapse


Basic set up

  • Essential equipment

  • Overview of some advanced gear



  • Camera settings and thing to consider

  • What are the problems you’re likely to experience during the time lapse shoot?

  • What is time lapse flicker and ways to avoid it



  • Must-have and 3rd party applications

  • The workflow

  • Editing and grading process

  • The importance of choosing the right soundtrack and music licensing

  • Mastering films, knowing the codecs and compression

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